Monday, October 16, 2017

Maximizing Road Trip MPG: Part II

Road trips are a great way to save money on your adventures around the country, whether for vacation or holiday family get togethers. Here are a few more ways you can make sure you’re maximizing your MPG and saving as much as you can at the gas pump.

Hose Check:
Remember to check your radiator and heater hoses before your trip. These hoses are made of rubber and eventually fail. Blown radiator hoses is one of the biggest reasons for road trip breakdowns. A leaky or blown radiator hose will overheat your engine, which will hurt performance, MPG, and leave you on the side of the road waiting for your engine to cool down.

Coolant Check:
Make sure you have a proper mix of 50% coolant to 50% water in your radiator. Any different mixture of coolant to water can make your engine run hotter, which will hurt your MPG and engine. An off mixture can also dirty your coolant faster, which will hurt the performance of your engine.

Fluid Check:
Check all the oil and fluids in your vehicle to make sure they are both clean and filled to the proper levels. Dirty oil and fluids in your vehicle hurt your vehicle’s performance, which lowers your MPG. Before heading out on your next road trip, make sure your fluids are in check and get them changed if necessary.

Lubricar Jiffy Lube technicians are experts at road trip maintenance. Our expert technicians will inspect your hoses and check/fill your vital fluids as part of the Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change. Before you embark on your next road trip, stop by your nearest Lubricar Jiffy Lube and let us help you maximize your MPG.

Photo Credit: "Patxi Izkue"

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