Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Maximize the Life of Your Car Battery

With all the technology and gadgets manufacturers add to cars nowadays, there is one vital part that keeps everything running: the battery. Without the car battery, a car wouldn’t work. From lights to spark plugs, everything is depending on the battery to give them the power to perform properly. Maximizing the life of your car battery helps both the health of your vehicle and your wallet. Here are the biggest factors that hurt the life of your battery.

Temperature Extremes
Extreme temperatures of over 100°F or below 10°F will shorten the life of your battery. The extreme temperatures put extra stress on the chemistry of the battery, which shortens the life of the battery and increases the amount of time it takes to recharge. If you find yourself in these extreme temperatures, be prepared to change your battery sooner than normal.

Driving Habits
Taking too many short trips in your car will also shorten the life of your battery. The biggest stress on your battery is starting your car. So, if you take a lot of short trips, that increases the amount of times you start your car, which will wear down your battery faster. If you want to maximize the life of your battery, try to limit the number of short trips you take in your vehicle.

Keeping up with regular maintenance of your vehicle will also help maximize the life of both your vehicle and your battery. If you need help, stop by your nearest Lubricar Jiffy Lube and our highly trained technicians will be more than happy to help.

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